Tuesday, September 4, 2007

On Getting to the Board

So, the Bulletin Board. I remember being so jazzed about these corkboard tiles. I left them at the foot of the stairs for the latter part of the week and finally on Saturday I made the giant next step of bringing them upstairs to my office/guestroom. And there they sat for the next few days while I made the choice to do other things like go camping on a whim with my family.

We are fortunate to live in a magnificent area close to mountains, rivers, lakes and ocean among other natural wonders. We had a leisurely saturday, slow and easy. We decided midday that we wanted to go camping, car-camping. By 3, after saying goodbye to my dear friends moving to the mid-west and packing up whatever we thought could be important for one night in the woods, Hoopingirl, her daddio and I headed out to find a campsite. Somewhere. We drove north just about an hour into Canada to find a lake. This would be great. Swimming, roasting corn and turkey-dogs over the fire, hooping, a late night beer from a can while sitting around the fire talking after our girl went to bed, watching the flames, all cozy in warm sweaters--what could be better.

Yes, in the states and in Canada this 3 day weekend is one of the busiest but for us, I think we just trusted something would turn up. We had no reservations and as we came upon our destination which we more or less decided upon on the drive, the 4 major campsites in the area we chose were FULL. There it was in huge letters: FULL. Well, I thought who cares, we'll swim, picnic, find an adventure and drive back home if we can't find a place to sleep. Daddio though said "nah let's ask, there's gotta be something." We drove up to the ranger station and sure enough the Ranger said "well yah, we have 1 left". Couldn't believe it. Off we went to site # 74 and set up camp.

Though I've sure not got out camping much lately, everytime I get out and do it I think about how much I love it. Car-camping is like luxury camping to me. All the comforts of home practically. Air beds in the van, good food, bottles of wine if you want it, hoola hoops and balls, books you name it, pillows, everything is game. Of course this trip we may have forgotten forks and plates but we did remember our toothbrushes. While car-camping is luxury, I love backpacking too, bringing the essentials on your back. Sleeping bag, tent, therm-r-rest, cards, yummy food where you get to be perhaps more innovative with less, tarp and rope, water-purifier, matches and more that's in my camping box I know I'm forgetting. What I always loved about backpacking was making camp with what you have. I thought about how long it has been since I've taken a backpack trip--almost 5 years to the date. Here comes a new goal! Get back out there with a pack on.

Anyway, back to site # 74. We all sat around the fire, cooked our corn and turkey-dogs and felt full. After putting Hoopingirl to bed, we did put another log or few on the fire and talked, sipping our beer--not canned this time but it still met my vision of the camp-scene. I dozed off in front of the fire so warm and relaxed. We were slugs plain and simple and it felt so great. We woke up to a short sprinkle that passed quickly. I thought though this was a great excuse to stay in the van and sleep. More. We played games with Hoopingirl or alternated I suppose while each one of us got to take a little bit more of a nap. Hoopingirl gave us massages that were among the best around using her body. This time away for the 3 of us felt good and easy. Just being in the moment. Not talking about what we need to get done or what didn't get done. None of that. We spent that day, after finally crawling out the van and packing up, meandering along back roads through beautiful lush, green farmland where dramatic snow covered peaks rise high. Though the day was overcast, the views were so beautiful still.

We took Hoopingirl on a short hike to Bridal Veil Falls. She was having fun using the camera, snapping me and Daddio along with caterpillers crawling along, the stream, moss-covered trees. I'll post these pics soon. She had fun finding her way along the path and hiking higher. This too marks an inspiration and goal to get hiking a lot more like I used to only how with Hoopingirl.

One hour and who knows how many miles away; we got away for 24 hours and it was so good. The rest of the weekend was fun too but I could feel my to-do list surfacing by Monday afternoon. With the help of a design-star pal, we hung the cork tiles--using a level and all. I was impressed with her precision and with me for going this more well-planned route to hanging something on the wall. My normal routine would be to eyeball whatever it is and paste it on up. Well I was proud. We made a nice design with the tiles. I have to say though today the day after hanging the 8 tiles, I had some doubts about the quality of the tiles and that dreadful doublesided tape you're given use to paste them up. Would it peel my beautiful latte-colored walls? I came home and the tiles were already falling off the walls. I returned them all, got my money back and was so grateful for that. Decided that I would save the 15$ and just use that big bulletin board that I found for free. Warped and all. I could look past the warp to save some money. This huge bulletin board is now up on my wall and it looks great. I have posted a few pieces up so far; a design idea for my desk space and some other reminders and to dos. Its how I want it though big, a board I can stand before and put up my dreams big. On to the next task.


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