Tuesday, September 25, 2007

fall in the air. soup on the stove.

I love the feeling of fall in the air. Digging for sweaters and corduroy pants. Getting back to knitting. Cooking. I'm not so much a by the book recipe gal but I definitely like to leaf through my collection search given ingredients online and go from there. For me its intuition and improvisation that lead to most night's dinners. The fun for me is in making something out of whatever we happen to have around. Or in going to the store and putting together a meal based on an inkling of what I want dinner to look like, taste like. Yesterday, I felt the crispness of fall. And knew it was time for a pot of soup. Improvisation from there. Local, natural pork, fresh beets and their greens, spinach, white beans, tomato and penne. Hearty and super filling and warm. On the side, a little bowl of crisp apples with some sharp local cheddar. The night was sweet. Family time at the table. Taking photos of food is brand new to me and clearly I have a ways to go. But since this is a journey in daily life and a journey in getting my creativity flowing here's a little pic of the soup. No matter how it looks here, the taste was what I imagined it would be. Hoopingirl and her Papa ate if up.

And on knitting, I signed up for a class. Taking it with two of my good pals. I am excited because its been ages since I've taken any sort of class just for me. I know how to knit a little and have even made a scarf or two or three and one hat. I know so little though about patterns and fixing dropped stitches and well I thought what better way to dig into knitting this fall then to learn something more about it. Dreaming of making hoopingirl a vest.

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Q said...

Your soup rocks the house.